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Why I've Started Blogging (and you should too)

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I’m going to give you the 4 reasons why I’ve finally convinced myself it’s time to start blogging and why you should too.

So I’ve started blogging. Yes, you read that right...blogging.
I’ll be honest, I have been putting this off for a long time in my business. I’m a visual designer and writing is just not my forte.
As soon as I see that cursor blinking on a blank white page, I get flashbacks to school and the endless nights of writing papers and reports. Sound familiar to anyone?
However, I’m a hypocrite, because what’s my number 1 advice I give to my clients when they ask how to get more traffic to their website? Yep, blogging.
I get it though, it’s extremely time consuming and it’s hard justifying all the hours you spend working on something that doesn’t immediately exchange your time for money.
I’m going to give you the 4 reasons why I’ve finally convinced myself it’s time to start blogging and why you should too.
1. Blogging keeps people coming for more. What’s your favorite store? (me: Target) Do you go to that store once and don’t plan to shop there ever again? Of course not! It wouldn’t be your favorite store if you only plan on shopping there once!
You return to that store because you know you’ll always find something you love or need (again, insert Target).
Your online presence is the same way. Whether you provide a service or a product, your website is your online store front. You want people to have a reason to keep coming back again and again.
That’s where blogging comes in.
It provides a way for you to consistently give your customers and visitors valuable and new information, that keeps them coming to your website for more. The more they visit your website, the more they become familiar with you, your brand, and what you have to offer them.
2. Blogging Builds Trust It takes time to get to know people. It also takes time to get to know a business. People need to trust you and make sure you are truly worth their precious earned money. How do you build that trust? Yep, blogging again. Blogging is a wonderful way to show people that you know what you are talking about. You are an expert in that service or product. The content your write in your blog should revolve around what you are selling. It should give your customers peace of mind that you know what you are talking about and they can trust you.
Personally, I’ve made it a goal to blog about web design, branding and marketing. I want to show people that I have years of knowledge in my back pocket, and I want to use that knowledge to help grow their businesses.
Blogging creates credibility and trust.
3. Google Loves Blogging When you search for something on the internet, Google makes sure that it’s providing you with the most relevant content out there on that topic you searched for. Google decides whether or not a website is relevant to you with factors like the following:
-How often the website is updated
-The number of pages on the website
-How many times the website has been linked to
This is all called SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Now this can get pretty technical and nerdy so I won’t elaborate on this topic too long right now.
However, SEO is crucial in driving traffic to your website.
Google wants you to prove that you are providing valuable, real, new content on a given subject. As that happens, you’ll move higher and higher on Google’s rankings.
Well my friends, it has been proven over and over that blogging is the best way and most organic way to boost your website’s ranking.
When you blog consistently, you naturally use keywords about your business, your website is being updated often, you are increasing your pages, and you are creating links within your website to each other.
Have I convinced you yet?
4. Blogging helps your Social Media game. Think about Pinterest and Facebook. What are people sharing and re-sharing? posts.
Most people don’t share a general website on their social media accounts. No, they are showing valuable pieces of information about a specific topic.
Blogging is a great way to get on people’s social media radars. When you write a blog post, you have just created content for people to share on their social media accounts.
Another added bonus for your social media marketing, is that blogging provides an archive of content to draw from for your social media posts. That makes life easier!
Blogging and Social Media can really go hand-in-hand if you put it to good use!

There you have it... 4 reasons that convinced me to start blogging. Here’s the hard part, in order for blogging to really work and bring traffic to your website, you’ve gotta just do it and do it consistently.
Commit to a number of blog posts a week that seems reasonable to you. Maybe it’s once a month, once a week, or 5 times a week.
Whatever your goal is, make time for it.
I know that’s so hard. Truly, I understand the struggle. I’m in this with you. Let’s stick to it together and watch those traffic stats on our websites grow.


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